2011 - 2018

2011 - 2018

The world automotive and electrical industries are promising, and Thailand has been dubbed the ‘Detroit of Asia’.  Strong global low-cost competitors like China and India become keen rivals for OEMs.

The company believed that the typical OEM model which focused on building a low-cost advantage was facing increasing challenge. The company attempted the development of its R&D capabilities and offered a mechanism for customers to capture more of process and design value added. Original design and manufacture (ODM) became the company’s strategic model to avoid its late mover disadvantage.

The company was furthermore implementing a strategic model to leverage the operators along the company’s value chain activities, and synergistically integrate them as an entity to compete against the global competitors.

A ‘Wiper Arm Project’ is one of success projects which the company was co-responsible for upstream with customers, starting from material selection, process, component design and quality and technical tests. The whole process is the company’s know-how. The company is the only manufacturer of ‘BOSCH Wiper Arm’ in Thailand.  The company now exports its ‘BOSCH Wiper Arm’ to Africa, Brazil, Mexico, India, as well.

Lean manufacturing has been continuously implemented for eliminating the waste from manufacturing while maintaining high quality over 10 years.

At the end of 2018, the company’s inventory turnover was considerably decreased from 30 days to 3 days in the ending of 2016.  The ultimate goal is to zero inventory by applying KANBAN to an existing manufacturing operation.

The company’s annual sale growth has been higher than the industry’s growth average, and profits have been satisfactory.

By 2021, Thailand is expecting to be a global green automotive production based on advanced technology implementation. The company will expectedly be one of the major players of Thailand automotive industry.

For the next decade, the company will still be focusing on maintain the high standard of productivity, the on-time delivery and the excellent quality control.  Furthermore, the company aims to produce more intense technological and innovation products.

Awaiting the next chapter …